Smart. Scalable. Simple.


At Antares Automation, we can make life easier for you, however, you work. With our solutions, you can schedule, manage and monitor workflows without compromising quality, delivery or security. We are the only enterprise scalable cloud-based SaaS solution to deliver on-demand workload management for every size of organisation in every sector.

Your organisation will benefit from simpler processes, smarter use of time and resources, and scalability to adapt to your changing needs and evolve with your business.


The digital landscape is shifting, driving transformation across every size of business. We understand workload automation can be complex, fragmented and costly. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you to develop and deploy sustainable, flexible solutions to meet your evolving needs. Our fully managed workload automation solution powered by Control-M integrates, automates and orchestrates application workflows in the cloud, so your jobs, tasks and business services are delivered on time, every time.
We make sure you’re supported with the latest technology when you need it most

3 tiers of service

However you work, with our Bronze, Silver and Gold solutions, we will have the right level of workload automation for your needs.

We also offer fully certified and comprehensive integration suite, including integrations with: Hadoop ecosystem (Big Data), AWS, Amazon EC2, Azure, VMWare, BladeLogic, SAP, Business Objects, People Soft, Net Backup, Tivoli Storage Manager, SQL databases, Web Service and Message Queues, etc.

How Antares makes a difference

For us, it’s all about bringing you tangible and sustained benefits. Whatever the size, sector and scope of your business, our knowledgeable experts will make a difference in the following ways

Savings – in terms of cost, time, resources and effort

Reduced risks: we manage and monitor all jobs

Enhanced productivity: less downtime

Simplified processes and improved time management

Quicker notifications to diagnose and resolve issues

Peace of mind about business continuity

Reliability and the ability to audit and track every job

Trust our experienced team

We live and breathe workload automation – and have designed, transitioned, and managed a multitude of environments, ranging from a few hundred jobs to over 2,000,000 jobs per day.

Offering rapid and dynamic scaling (both up as well as down), you can count on our solutions to flex with your changing business needs.

Finally, Antares Automation is the #1 recommended solution from an audit and compliance perspective. You can feel reassured about making the right choice.

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